At Diamond Foundry, we are evolving diamonds to be worthy of life's pivotal moments.

We are changing the industry by applying modern-day craftsmanship to create diamonds above the ground in America.

Zero questions around origin. Zero middlemen markups. Zero carbon footprint.

Diamonds. Evolved.


In our foundry in San Francisco, we re-create the environment in which nature forms diamond on its own.

Our founding team of M.I.T., Stanford, and Princeton engineers previously developed pioneering breakthroughs in solar power technology. They had a hunch that techniques used to harness the energy of the sun could also be used to make a better diamond, atom by atom.

We started by studying the laws of nature. Diamonds are born from a fiery heat, so we set out to create a plasma of unprecedented energy density. We coded software to run tens of thousands of physics-based simulations. In a warehouse just south of San Francisco, we built novel plasma reactors with hundreds of individually precision-engineered parts. Then, we formed plasma as hot as the outer layer of the sun.

It is far from easy to create diamonds above the ground – most of our early experiments failed. But after years of refinery of craftsmanship, we were able to create the conditions in which nature forms diamond on its own. Our diamond growth results in each diamond being unique.

Most simply, we discovered a fourth state of matter by which atoms can attach to nature's diamond crystal lattice and grow it in size. One by one, the atoms stack on top of a thin foundation of diamond, extending the unique crystal structure of diamonds extracted from the Earth. Atom by atom, it grows into a pure, jewelry-grade diamond of gem size. (We then slice off and reuse the starting material any number of times.)

We are now able to create stunning diamonds in our San Francisco foundry. Each is a unique, one-of-a-kind crystal of pristine diamond, just like mined diamonds -- but morally pure as well. Relative to brute-force industrial mining, our production is boutique and intensely based on modern-day craftsmanship; and unlike hundreds of millions of carats produced by mines, ours are 0.01% rare.

We use solar power credits to reduce our carbon footprint to zero. We guarantee the impeccable provenance of our diamonds: each is born at our foundry in California.


Each man-made diamond grows in its own unique shape.

We have our own polishing factory where rough is cut and polished into beautifully faceted gems. We offer the broadest choice of cuts because not everyone wants the standard round brilliant.

We only cut to the highest standards, without compromising on polished weight, because the quality of the cut is most important for the brilliance of a diamond.

Our master cutters are the world's best. One of our master cutters invented the Princess Cut, among other legendary contributions to the diamond industry. Our other master cutter directed the American School of Diamond Cutting and developed the Hearts on Fire premium cut brand.

Finally, a GIA Gemologist grades our diamonds, and we fully warrant this grading report. That is, you obtain a certificate, not just a lab report.

The Ultimate Diamond: Each Unique. American Origin. Fully Warranted. SHOP OUR DIAMONDS


We enjoy collaborating with jewelry designers who share our commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability. We don't do fashion. Everything we offer exhibits a principle of eternal quality.

On our website, we showcase a curation of designers who are recognized for their impeccable style, their attention to detail, and the quality and craftsmanship of their creations.

We launched a collaboration with Barneys New York in 2016 showcasing the elegance and versatility of "innovation meets beauty".

We entered a long-term partnership with Vrai & Oro in Los Angeles to offer fine jewelry with quality and simplicity -- and without the middlemen markups. Vrai & Oro has developed an enthusiastic following for its daily-wear jewelry, and we are excited about their upcoming diamond jewelry.

Our diamond jewelry is a breathtaking mix of art, science, and nature. It is meant for people who envision a future that is bright, beautiful, and full of promise.

It’s meant for people like you.



R. Martin Roscheisen

R. Martin Roscheisen

Jeremy Scholz

Jeremy Scholz

Kyle Gazay

Kyle Gazay


Vanessa Stofenmacher

President, Vrai & Oro

Ritu Raj

VP Sales
Alon Ben-Shoshan

Alon Ben-Shoshan

VP Business Development
Jean Pigozzi

Jean Pigozzi

Board Advisor
Miroslava Duma

Miroslava Duma

Brand Advisor
Wendi Murdoch

Wendi Murdoch

Brand Advisor

“I’m proud to invest in Diamond Foundry Inc. – cultivating real diamonds in America without the human and environmental toll of mining.”

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