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Jonas & Frankie

A gorgeous couple, engagement, inside out. Congratulations!

Inc’s 25 Most Disruptive Companies of the Year. Check out why Diamond Foundry made the list.

For creating a new source of diamonds that doesn’t involve environmentally destructive mining and exploitative labor practices. WHY IT’S DISRUPTIVE Diamonds aren’t really rare. They’re just hard to get to–buried deep underground, generally in parts of the world that lack strong governments. Getting them to an American jewelry store often involves destructive pit mining, slave…

Harper’s Bazaar: Miroslava Duma Brings Science Into Fashion

Diamond Foundry advisor Miroslava Duma talks about growing perfect diamonds aboveground using solar power; there’s no carbon footprint. Read the entire article

Brilliant Earth Caught in Crossfire: ‘Conflict Free’, ‘Ethical’ Marketing in a Messy Industry

When Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg founded Brilliant Earth out of Stanford Business School, they had their heart in a good place and their finger on a real problem: the ethics of the diamond industry. The diamond industry has a long history of talking the “ethical” talk but otherwise supporting business as usual. The Kimberley…

Fast Company: This Startup’s Plasma Reactors Create Conflict-Free Diamonds For The Millennials

While filming “Blood Diamond,” Leo DiCaprio says he was horrified to learn the brutality mining funded in Africa—so he invested in Diamond Foundry. Read the entire article

Igor & Josipa

Congratulations to your engagement!

Vogue: Diamond Foundry and Pamela Love Awarded Pure Earth Impact Award, Molly Bair Models Exclusive Piece

Pure Earth, an international nonprofit that leads in global toxic pollution cleanup, today announced that Diamond Foundry and Pamela Love have won this year’s Impact Award. A special piece designed by Pamela Love with diamonds cultivated by Diamond Foundry is now available as part of the Pure Earth Heavy Metal Benefit Auction. Modeling sensation Molly…

Forbes: The Fate Of Engagement Rings Rests In Man-Made Diamonds

Our Creative Director and the President of our jewelry unit Vrai & Oro, Vanessa Stofenmacher, is profiled in a Forbes article. Read the entire article

Business of Fashion: Diamond Foundry and Vrai & Oro are betting on re-energizing the diamond market

The fashion world’s preeminent Lauren Sherman writes a feature about Diamond Foundry in The Business of Fashion: With the help of a network of close-knit fashion insiders, start-ups like Diamond Foundry and Vrai & Oro are betting that manmade stones will re-energise the diamond market. Read the entire article

Diamond Foundry photographer honored by Netflix Originals

The photographer behind Diamond Foundry’s website photography is now featured in a new Netflix Originals: Esquire: If You Love Great Design, You Need to Watch This Show

Foundry Diamonds Out & About in NYC

When Wendi Murdoch, China top actress / UNEP & Gucci Ambassador Li Bing Bing (Wikipedia), and the “art world’s high-roller specialist” (WSJ) and Christie’s Vice Chairman Xin Li go out for dinner in NYC, who is hanging in there (right lower corner on photo)? A Diamond Foundry diamond set in a piece by Charles Del…

Mercury News: Diamonds from Foundry backed by Leonardo DiCaprio: Glitter without Gore.

There’s Nothing Romantic About Mining. “”” Leonardo DiCaprio liked the gems from Bay Area firm Diamond Foundry so much, he invested in the company. The “Blood Diamond” movie star has touted the company for “cultivating real diamonds in America without the human and environmental toll of mining.” Its gems come from a “plasma reactor” and…

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