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An Open Letter to Botswana and Other African Nations

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An Open Letter to Botswana and Other African Nations

January 1, 2016

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An Open Letter to Botswana and Other African Nations

January 1, 2016 BY Ritu Raj IN In the News

Botswana’s economy is intricately tied to diamonds yet the days are obviously numbered in terms of how long the country’s mines will continue to be a profitably extractable resource. The future will be different.

Our company can help Botswana — or any other interested African nation — be a global supplier of diamonds for perpetuity. We are willing to build a diamond foundry in Africa and move diamonds together into the semiconductor age, creating well-paying local high-tech jobs and making the country a leader in clean diamond technology. We believe it can be done.

Botswana and many other African countries have ample solar energy resources, and we would utilize this as the foundation for a local diamond foundry. Our company’s founding engineers previously delivered $640M in solar power innovation including a factory built in Europe with the support of the European Union, and our investors include both the “Sun King” of China as well as the founder of the largest builder of utility-scale solar in Europe/EMEA.

Perhaps Africa’s Johann Rupert, owner of Cartier, would like to participate as well and generate wealth in Africa that has a future.

If your government is interested, please get in touch with us. Our company is easy to work with, and we are looking forward to collaborating and considering best ways of investing in Africa. Martin Roscheisen CEO, Diamond Foundry Inc. Palo Alto, California

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