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4 Beautiful Mixed Metal Rings by Independent Jewelry Designers

August 27, 2015

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4 Beautiful Mixed Metal Rings by Independent Jewelry Designers

August 27, 2015

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4 Beautiful Mixed Metal Rings by Independent Jewelry Designers

August 27, 2015 BY Mari Pack IN Style Guide

Mixed metal engagement rings and wedding bands have become a thing in recent years, which is great because they upset jewelry purists. Anything you can do to overturn the establishment is inherently ethical, even if it’s just wearing jewelry. Independent jewelry designers make some of the most beautiful and interesting mixed metal rings available, probably because they’re already working independently of the commercial industry. 

In all seriousness, mixed metals are a great way to emphasize features within a ring. A spiral pattern will really pop if it diverges from the primary metal color. Alternating between two metals can give the ring added dimension, and it certainly looks unique. Don’t believe us? Check out these mixed metal rings by our award winning independent jewelry designers for some inspiration and illumination. 

The High Halo

mixed metal pear halo

The High Halo has a clean, modern look, characteristic of its designer, Etienne Perret. With a smooth gold band that boasts an elevated gallery, this ring already makes a statement. Yet the white gold bezel-setting is an intriguing accent that draws attention to the unique pear shape of its diamond.

The Stacked Diamond Collection


Stacked rings are very trendy right now, and the Stacked Diamond Collection by Susan Crow is perfect in layers or great as individual rings. Together, these rings mimic the celestial movement of heavenly bodies in orbit. Apart, the bezel set smaller diamonds maintain a pop against their white gold bands. 

The Two Toned Ancient Ring


April Higashi‘s designs often emphasize the beauty of unexpected relationships, and the Two Toned Ancient Ring is a perfect example. The textured yellow gold band references an ancient world, while the addition of a white gold bezel setting around the diamond creates a modern distinction. With two metals, this ring forms a nice contrast on the skin with both warm and cool tones.


Riverwashed Two Toned Diamond RingRiverwashed Ring

Susan Wheeler’s  Riverwashed Two Toned Diamond Ring combines natural textures with consciously artisan design, making this mixed metal ring a brilliant merger of organic and handmade. The yellow gold band with white gold bezel setting offers a distinct contrast between metals – perfect for mixing with other jewelry.

Mixed metal rings by indie designers can be anything from eye-catching and bold to simple and modern. They’re great on their own, or they can serve as the basis for a bold mixed metal look. Whatever you chose, one thing’s for sure: your ring will stand out from the crowd! 

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