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5 Unique Eco Friendly Engagement Rings

Jul 15, 2015 BY Diamond Foundry IN Style Guide

Do you like hiking? Does your girlfriend say that she likes hiking? Good for you – maybe she does! If you two go on “romantic” retreats in the Rockies, own more than one travel backpack or even a single piece of fishing gear, then maybe you should consider a nature inspired, environmentally friendly engagement ring to go with that mountaintop marriage proposal. From recycled gold to eco friendly diamonds, there are lots of ways an engagement ring can promote sustainability. 

Bark in Resin Ring

It turns out that resin isn’t just useful as a waterproof sealant or as the basis for resurrecting dinosaurs with a preserved mosquito. It can also make jewelry! This ring’s resin base is infused with plants, leaves, strips of bark and even shells. That’s right, this ring has a straight up ecosystem inside it. By choosing a non-metal ring, you help decrease the demand for newly mind metals, which aids in environmental preservation. 

Willow Twig Prong Ring

There are plenty of rings that look like someone glued a stick to a diamond, but the Willow Twig Prong Ring by Emily Chelsea Jewelry is the real deal. Unlike other twig rings, this one doesn’t spiral into gaudiness, and the rustic band is handmade from recycled white gold.

Botanica Leaf Halo Ring

Not only does this ring feature flanks fashioned into geometric leaves (leaves!), but Baxter Moerman is another design team that choses to craft in 100% recycled gold. The Botanica Leaf Ring, shown here in white gold, in available in three other recycled metals.

The Wood Diamond Ring 

Did you know that they started making diamond rings out of wood? Game changer. This ring is made of walnut and maple wood with a salvaged diamond setting. While we can’t speak for the longevity of a wood ring, nothing trumps the initial joy of receiving something that was once alive with a diamond shoved ontop of it.

The Oyster Ring

While it’s not nature-y in quite the same ways, the Oyster Ring by Christine Guibara is nevertheless a beautiful, aquatic alternative. Perfect for eco lovers with a bit of scuba experience! Using her signature watercast technique, Guibara reuses molten scrap metal by cooling it in water to achieve raw, organic shapes.

Whatever ring you choose, we wish you and your future spouse a beautiful life in your re-purposed barn or remote log cabin. Enjoy your eco friendly engagement ring along with that view! (We hope that you have central AC.)


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