There are vast resources of diamonds inside Earth; their availability is limited only by the rate at which they are mined.

Diamond production has increased 100 fold annually from less than 2 million carats earlier last century to more than 180 million carats today. Throughout that period, clever marketers have kept telling the story about the world running out of diamonds.

Diamond mining now happens at an industrial scale unlike any other human activity. There is nothing romantic or natural about the industrial mining of diamonds.

Mining production is scaled much more easily than aboveground production.

How about Aboveground Diamonds?

Our aboveground diamonds are the rarest of all diamonds: fewer than 0.01% of the world's diamonds are from our foundry.

That's because diamonds are really hard to make aboveground. Diamonds are not one of the materials that today can be created very easily. It take a lot of capital investment and modern-day craftsmanship to create diamonds in our foundry, and the rate of production is very limited.