Choosing a custom engagement ring might sound tough, but it’s a lot easier if you just think of your future wife as a “type” instead of as a whole person. (We’re kidding.) Honestly though, it helps to bang out the basics of your girlfriend’s style and lifestyle before you go crazy with the details. What does she wear? What are her interests? 

Depending on her personality, she might want something modern and sleek or elaborate and diamond-studded. Fanciful and Tolkien-esque? Sure! Many of our award winning independent jewelry designers offer customizable rings in our catalogue. Even if you don’t chose one of ours, consider these five engagement ring suggestions a good place to start. 

The Socialite

Let’s face it, the Socialite is class. She’s not just Grace Kelley in movies; she’s Grace Kelley the Queen of Monaco. This woman knows what she wants, and she’s smart and ambitious enough to get it. If you’re thinking of marrying her, then you probably already know that she’ll want a ring as brilliant as she is. Take a look at this stunning Double Halo from independent designer Zaven. This diamond-studded number is dying to be worn by a woman with exquisite tastes in ball gowns, cocktail dresses and diamond-studded tiaras.

The Yogi

The Yogi might not be the marrying type. This could make things tricky for you, but never fear – we’ve got you covered. Highly spiritual, this woman lives with intention. She knows what she believes, even if she doesn’t force it on others. Consider something like the Botanica by California designer Baxter Moerman. This recycled gold ring will speak to the environmentalist in her, while its leaf-like elements will bring a touch of the natural world to her practice.

The Artist

While the Artist may or may not make her own art, she’s invested in culture in a big way. She’s knowledgeable on everything from Monet to Mozart, and she probably knows something about dive bars and indie art galleries too. This woman is fashion forward, and she’ll want something unique with impeccable design elements. The Akatsuki Culet by New York designer Satoru is just the ticket. Minimalistic and distinctly modern, this ring is perfect for someone whose ideal date involves a trip to the MET.

The Tomboy 

The Tomboy doesn’t wear much jewelry, or if she does, it’s a necklace or a bracelet with sentimental value. Unconcerned with what’s stylish or trendy, this woman would rather run a marathon than look at rings. She needs something simple and non-cumbersome for her active lifestyle, like this modern Solitaire from Claudia Endler. This white gold ring is sturdy enough to endure the endless hours of rock climbing, while unpretentious enough to be worn on its own.

The Bookworm

The Bookworm is imaginative and analytical, with a whimsical side that can manifest in her jewelry choices. If your Bookworm doesn’t read novels, then she can probably code. Take a look at the Bridal Stack ring by Dawes Design to appeal to her love of fantasy and adventure. This nature-inspired creation is graceful and fantastic enough to be worn by Galadriel herself in the forest of Lothlórien. (If you don’t understand that reference, then look it up. You’re marrying a bookworm!)

So, don’t be fooled. Your bride-to-be isn’t a real person, distinct from other women in taste or opinion. Instead, she’s one of five easily described personality types. That’s why you’re marrying her! (Again, kidding.) Good luck with your search for a custom ring, and be careful to not reveal how little you knew about your about girlfriend’s style preferences before you got on the internet.