Today we are announcing that we have brought gem polishing back to America with techniques that combine state-of-the-art automation and good old-fashioned hand finishing — thereby achieving complete vertical integration of gem diamond creation in one single facility in California. As a result, we are also now able to offer rare diamond cuts based on exclusive and unprecedented designs.

Diamond Gems Polished in America

The US was once world-renowned as the epicenter of fine diamond cutting. Tens of thousands of skilled craftsmen used to be employed in America until all those jobs went overseas to low-cost-labor countries. Through advances in automation and cut-modeling software, we have brought added-value creation back to California.

The result is that we make diamonds that are fully traceable to a single place of origin, and we can directly respond to heightened demand for new shapes and styles of diamonds.

Inside our foundry in California, we have achieved an unprecedented integration from raw energy to pure diamond gems: we generate hydrogen from water, producing a proprietary plasma in which we grow rough diamond crystals under a “sun on earth”, and then fashion these gems in a broad range of unique shapes based on customer desires.

In an industry where accountability is clouded by the extreme length and complexity of the supply chain — diamonds typically travel more than 20,000 miles over a period of more than 200 days while changing hands more than 20 times before reaching their customer — a single producer in a single place of origin can now account for every atom in the diamond you buy.

It’s yet another step toward providing gem quality diamonds with the most impeccable provenance. 

Exclusive Diamond Cuts Now Being Offered

In addition to all the classic and standard styles, today we are pleased to offer rare diamond cuts based on exclusive and unprecedented designs.

Our master cutters, Israel Itzkowitz – legendary inventor of the Princess Cut, and Maarten de Witte – former Director of the American School of Diamond Cutting, had their bold new designs of diamond shapes on the drawing boards for many years.

These were not previously brought to the marketplace primarily because conventional diamond mass-production methods and economies of scale, from industrial mines in Africa to the American public, forced standardization of only the simplest patterns.

Today we are starting with six exclusive cuts crafted by our master artists.