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New Designer: Claudia Endler Designs

Jul 30, 2015 BY Diamond Foundry IN Artisan Craftsmanship, Design Collaborations

Claudia is an award winning jewelry designer, whose love of art, architecture culminated in the launch of Claudia Endler Designs in 1999.  Her designs occupy the private collections of some of Los Angeles’ top cultural leaders, including museum curators, architects, gallery directors, artists, and other jewelry designers.

Claudia Endler derives inspiration from a variety of arts, particularly dancer and choreographer Martha Graham and the Bauhaus architectural movement. “I use the power of proportion, attention to detail, and the omission of the non-essential elements to bring each piece to its minimum and purest form to let the wearer be seen.” Added to this, the beautiful power of contrast drives Claudia’s designs to new heights.

As a company, Claudia Endler Designs reflects an unwavering belief in the transformative power of good design. With their clean, resolute lines and impeccable workmanship, each creation marries precious metal and art. Their architectural simplicity serves to illuminate, never - ClaudiaEndler2

Each piece is personalized and made one at a time in Los Angeles by their team of skilled artisans. Claudia Endler’s process ensures that each infinitely modern design is as deeply treasured as the commitment and passion that inspired it.

See Claudia’s collection at our Designer Collective.

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