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San Jose Inside: Diamond Foundry Disrupts Diamond Industry With ‘Tesla Moment’

Jan 05, 2016 BY Diamond Foundry IN In The Media,

Every industry has its ‘Tesla moment,’ the point at which new technology forces sweeping changes across the market.  Elon Musk did it for cars. We want to do it for diamonds.     

In an article by San Jose Inside, Jennifer Wadsworth writes that “the ability to manufacture diamonds has been around for the better part of six decades, though the process remained cost prohibitive until relatively recently. Today, at least 10 companies create retail or industrial diamonds. But Diamond Foundry claims a proprietary breakthrough that makes it faster and cheaper to create gem-quality stones.”

Diamond Foundry CEO, Martin Roscheisen, originally launched a company to create thin-cell solar cells as a cheap alternative to silicon in 2002. It wasn’t until a decade later that he set about using that technology to overturn a very different industry.

“The diamond industry stood out to us as a very traditional one that needs to see its ‘Tesla moment,’” Roscheisen told Metro. “Before Tesla, electric car meant golf cart. Tesla changed the auto industry forever by first providing a truly viable choice. That’s what we are doing with diamonds—offering a viable choice for the first time.”

To see the full article, go here.

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