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The Value of Direct Sourcing with Lab Created Diamonds

Nov 23, 2014 BY Diamond Foundry IN Diamond Industry,

Have you ever tried to sell a used diamond and wondered about the relative gap to what you paid at retail? A used diamond is still a diamond, after all. The truth is, you’re not just paying for a diamond when you buy from a brick and mortar. 

Retail markups tend to make diamond jewelry two to three times more expensive than it needs to be. Retailers mark up their diamonds by 200-300% – and gold by 100-400% from wholesale costs.  This is because stores need to pay for high-cost real-estate, security, and theft prevention, as well as maintain expensive inventory and sales staff.


At Diamond Foundry, we operate a Designer Collective that directly connects buyers to jewelry designers. This eliminates price markups that simply don’t connote greater value.

When you buy jewelry on Diamond Foundry, we send the designer our lab created diamonds from San Francisco. The designer crafts your ring, sets it with diamonds, and sends it directly to you. This allows you to pay the same price as a jewelry store owner would.

When you buy retail, the process looks something like this… 

Hundreds of Tons of Dirt are Moved in order to Yield One Carat White Diamond

Rough Diamonds are Traded: Passing Through Many Hands

Diamonds are Cut and Polished

Polished Diamonds are Traded By Dealers

A Jeweler Sets the Diamond


The Final Piece of Jewelry is Sold to a Store Owner at a Trade Show

By the time you buy the diamond, it’s already gone on quite a journey – with price markups along the way.  

With Diamond Foundry’s lab created diamonds, you only pay for the stone, direct from our above-the-ground mine.

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