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InStyle: These Diamond Engagement Rings Are Leonardo DiCaprio-Approved

Instyle editor Angela Salazar reviews Los Angeles-based jeweler Vrai & Oro’s recently launched wedding collection, Vow. Leonardo DiCaprio is an active investor in Vrai & Oro’s parent company, Diamond Foundry, who specialize in conflict-free sustainable diamonds grown in California. Read full article here

Inc’s 25 Most Disruptive Companies of the Year. Check out why Diamond Foundry made the list.

For creating a new source of diamonds that doesn’t involve environmentally destructive mining and exploitative labor practices. WHY IT’S DISRUPTIVE Diamonds aren’t really rare. They’re just hard to get to–buried deep underground, generally in parts of the world that lack strong governments. Getting them to an American jewelry store often involves destructive pit mining, slave…

Harper’s Bazaar: Miroslava Duma Brings Science Into Fashion

Diamond Foundry advisor Miroslava Duma talks about growing perfect diamonds aboveground using solar power; there’s no carbon footprint. Read the entire article

Fast Company: This Startup’s Plasma Reactors Create Conflict-Free Diamonds For The Millennials

While filming “Blood Diamond,” Leo DiCaprio says he was horrified to learn the brutality mining funded in Africa—so he invested in Diamond Foundry. Fast Company Article by Elizabeth Segran, 7 minute read. How was that made? What’s in it? Where’s it from? Were the workers exploited? Were the cows pumped with antibiotics? Is it gluten-free?…

Vogue: Diamond Foundry and Pamela Love Awarded Pure Earth Impact Award, Molly Bair Models Exclusive Piece

Pure Earth, an international nonprofit that leads in global toxic pollution cleanup, today announced that Diamond Foundry and Pamela Love have won this year’s Impact Award. A special piece designed by Pamela Love with diamonds cultivated by Diamond Foundry is now available as part of the Pure Earth Heavy Metal Benefit Auction. Modeling sensation Molly…

Forbes: The Fate Of Engagement Rings Rests In Man-Made Diamonds

Our Creative Director and the President of our jewelry unit Vrai & Oro, Vanessa Stofenmacher, is profiled in a Forbes article. Read the entire article

Business of Fashion: Diamond Foundry and Vrai & Oro are betting on re-energizing the diamond market

The fashion world’s preeminent Lauren Sherman writes a feature about Diamond Foundry in The Business of Fashion: With the help of a network of close-knit fashion insiders, start-ups like Diamond Foundry and Vrai & Oro are betting that manmade stones will re-energise the diamond market. Read the entire article

Diamond Foundry photographer honored by Netflix Originals

The photographer behind Diamond Foundry’s website photography is now featured in a new Netflix Originals: Esquire: If You Love Great Design, You Need to Watch This Show

Foundry Diamonds Out & About in NYC

When Wendi Murdoch, China top actress / UNEP & Gucci Ambassador Li Bing Bing (Wikipedia), and the “art world’s high-roller specialist” (WSJ) and Christie’s Vice Chairman Xin Li go out for dinner in NYC, who is hanging in there (right lower corner on photo)? A Diamond Foundry diamond set in a piece by Charles Del…

Mercury News: Diamonds from Foundry backed by Leonardo DiCaprio: Glitter without Gore.

There’s Nothing Romantic About Mining. “”” Leonardo DiCaprio liked the gems from Bay Area firm Diamond Foundry so much, he invested in the company. The “Blood Diamond” movie star has touted the company for “cultivating real diamonds in America without the human and environmental toll of mining.” Its gems come from a “plasma reactor” and…

Now Available for Designers: Unique Semi Rough Diamonds

Diamond Foundry is now making available “semi rough” diamonds featuring original, ‘as grown’ rough diamond opened up with select polished facets to showcase the one-of-a-kind nature of each diamond. Designers who enjoy creating one-of-a-kind pieces will enjoy working with these dramatic pieces. View our current inventory of semi-rough diamonds. View dramatic video of a semi-rough…

Vogue: VOW Is Your New Source for Ethical (And Gorgeous!) Engagement Rings

Vogue covers the introduction of VOW in detail, including that “there’s also a try-on system (similar to Warby Parker’s). You will be able to choose three mock rings to try on in the comfort of your own home at no cost, with no obligation to purchase. If you’re in the market for a ring—or you…

Launching VOW: engagement rings for the modern world

We are excited about today’s launch of VOW: engagement rings for the modern world. This is the first product of Diamond Foundry teaming up with Vrai & Oro’s founder Vanessa Stofenmacher (recently named a Forbes 30 under 30 winner) and her really talented team. At Diamond Foundry, we set out to reinvent diamond jewelry from…

WSJ: De Beers Tries to Counter the Threat of Cultivated Diamonds

The WSJ reports about De Beers being bedeviled by man-made diamonds. It’s a headline that the WSJ put above the FBI clearing Clinton of her emails three days before the Presidential election. The WSJ uses the language of De Beers, calling cultivated diamonds “synthetic” even though even the FTC has stated that cultivated diamonds are…

Observer: A collaboration that’s a tough one to top

The Observer notes in its Style & Design section: “This is reportedly the first time a major retailer has agreed to a collaboration with a cultivated diamond company and it’s certainly going to be a tough one to top.” “Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but they certainly don’t have the same cheerful relationship…

AVENUE: Three of today’s biggest names in jewelry partner with Diamond Foundry and Barneys

Luxury Magazine AVENUE (“Affluence Meets Influence”) writes: “Diamond Foundry has announced a new partnership with New York’s iconic department store to present a capsule collection of limited-editions with three of today’s biggest names in jewelry.” “This collection marks the first time a retailer has collaborated with a cultivated diamond company. (What took so long?)” “Working…

Diamond Foundry XO Barneys New York

Our cultivated diamonds are now available at one of America’s iconic department stores. Innovation meets beauty in three exclusive designer collaborations showcasing the elegance and versatility of unique, certified diamonds cultivated in California. Barneys New York was started in 1923 by its founder pawning his wife’s engagement ring. His motto was “No bunk. No junk.…

The Making of a Brand

When NYC based brand marketing team arrived at photography, they engaged none other than Platon and Jamie Chung. Enjoy the look behind the scenes!

An ethical diamond venture that has backing from Leonardo DiCaprio

CNBC writes about why Diamond Foundry was selected one of the top 50 companies honored in 2016: Leonardo DiCaprio has a diamond proposal for you. The Oscar winner is among an elite circle of Hollywood and Silicon Valley backers behind Diamond Foundry (Disruptor No. 33), a Bay Area company that claims it uses technology to…

CNBC names Top 50 Disruptors: #33 Diamond Foundry

CNBC today announced its 4th Annual Top 50 Disruptors selection, which features private companies in 15 industries whose innovations are revolutionizing the business landscape. Diamond Foundry was listed among Uber, AirBnB, SpaceX, Snapchat, Lyft, WeWork and 49 others:

Vogue Features Foundry Diamonds

In its special Met edition, Vogue editor Molly Creeden reports about Diamond Foundry in a feature article. “The company was founded by […] a solar-panel trailblazer of the early aughts, Stanford alum, and all around varsity member of Silicon Valley.”

Charlie Rose / CBS – Diamonds cultured in California

Jenni Avins: Proposing as rock-solid as your ethics

Diamond Foundry is Now Polishing Gems in California – Offering Exclusive Diamond Cuts

Today we are announcing that we have brought gem polishing back to America with techniques that combine state-of-the-art automation and good old-fashioned hand finishing — thereby achieving complete vertical integration of gem diamond creation in one single facility in California. As a result, we are also now able to offer rare diamond cuts based on…

FOX News: Tech World’s Who’s Who and DiCaprio Invest in Diamond Startup

FoxNews brought our company to the households of millions of Americans, taking the conversation around cultured diamonds to a new level.  We see this as just the beginning. Watch the latest video at Link to Video:

New York Times Features Diamond Foundry

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist John Markoff profiles our company in an in-depth article in the New York Times. He articulates the essence of our technology and gives context to the process by which we developed it: “The process begins with a very thin slice of natural diamond as a substrate and then increases the size of the original diamond material by adding…

CNBC Visits the Foundry

We were happy to host CNBC at our foundry to discuss how our veteran solar-energy team set its sights on the diamond industry.  Video and transcript of the interview with two co-founders below.   Link to Video:   Martin:  We are Diamond Foundry, and we make diamonds like nobody else. We culture them, creating jewelry grade…

New York Magazine Features Diamond Foundry

After three years of in-depth scientific development, we are thrilled to launch Diamond Foundry to the public.  We are especially thrilled that New York Magazine took notice of our launch, helping us spread the word about our beautiful, conflict-free diamonds. “Between the labor and environmental implications of industrial mining and the illegal trade of conflict diamonds…

The 21 most innovative startups in tech: Business Insider

In a world where there’s 30 plus food delivery companies and an army of ‘Uber for X’ clones, startups working on high impact and daring ideas can be overlooked. But that doesn’t mean they’re not out there. Business Insider assembled a list of unique ways startups want to change the world. “The startup, which launched publicly in…

Business Insider on Diamond Foundry

Business Insider reports on Diamond Foundry’s public launch in an article by Alyson Shontell. The article explains not only the inspiration and investors behind our company, but also delves into the scientific process as well:  “An investor in Diamond Foundry likened the process to growing a plant. You need a seed from another plant for…

Best 25 Startups in 2015: Business Insider

We’re honored to be among the 25 hottest startups that launched in 2015, as selected by Business Insider! From affordable and easy cancer screening kits to the “Tesla of scooters,” it was a great year for startups. “The company had been working for three years to come up with a way to lab-grow pure diamonds, not…

San Jose Inside: Diamond Foundry Disrupts Diamond Industry With ‘Tesla Moment’

Every industry has its ‘Tesla moment,’ the point at which new technology forces sweeping changes across the market.  Elon Musk did it for cars. We want to do it for diamonds.      In an article by San Jose Inside, Jennifer Wadsworth writes that “the ability to manufacture diamonds has been around for the better…

Industry Legend Israel Itzkowitz, Inventor of the Princess Cut, Joins Diamond Foundry: “A Diamond is a Diamond is a Diamond”

Diamond Foundry Inc. today announced that industry legend Israel Itzkowitz has joined the company as Master Cutter. “A diamond is a diamond is a diamond,” commented Israel Itzkowitz after inspecting diamond created at Diamond Foundry. “I am impressed with the quality of the diamond gemstones made at Diamond Foundry. This is the future of the…

Diamond Foundry hires Maarten de Witte – Master Diamond Cutter and Brand Builder.

Maarten de Witte has been involved with gem diamonds for well over 40 years.   Formerly known as the  Diamond Wizard® at Hearts On Fire, he has also served as Director of the American School of Diamond Cutting, shop foreman for EightStar Diamonds, and Executive Director USA for EmBee Diamonds. Maarten has extensive experience, passion…

An Open Letter to Botswana and Other African Nations

Botswana’s economy is intricately tied to diamonds yet the days are obviously numbered in terms of how long the country’s mines will continue to be a profitably extractable resource. The future will be different. Our company can help Botswana — or any other interested African nation — be a global supplier of diamonds for perpetuity.…

Caveat emptor? Let “the free hand” of the market decide. Who are we to judge?

Hey Rob Bates, Re: An Open Letter to Leonardo DiCaprio Fear is not a good plan. I find it disingenuous that you raise the ghost of Nelson Mandela in the cause of thwarting change.  In fact, an old Xhosa saying is that “change does not roll in under the wheel of inevitability”.  Positive change requires action!…

Fox: Leonardo DiCaprio-backed Startup Grows Diamonds

Deirdre Bolton interviews Diamond Foundry Founder and CEO Martin Roscheisen on her show, “Risk and Reward.”   Link to Video:  

Neil deGrasse Tyson Takes On Cultured Diamonds

Are cultured diamonds real diamonds? Yes. Even Neil deGrasse Tyson, Patron Saint of Science, thinks so.  Here’s the scoop. We can count on Neil to enlighten us on a number of topics. We can count on him to destroy ignorant pundits on cable news channels, to teach us about the wonders of the universe, and to consistently provide fodder for…

Diamond Foundry Endorses Marking Cultured Diamonds

At Diamond Foundry, we are proud of our cultured diamonds. To us, manmade translates to environmentally friendly, conflict free, ethical stones. We laser mark all of our diamonds so that anyone can recognize them as grown – not mined.  Key Challenges However, not all companies that produce diamonds feel the way that we do. Bloomberg reports that…

IGI Certifies Foundry Diamond

The International Gemological Institute (IGI), a gold standard of gemological certification, has issued the following certification to an owner of one of our diamonds:

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