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Jonas & Frankie

A gorgeous couple, engagement, inside out. Congratulations!

Igor & Josipa

Congratulations to your engagement!

Vogue: VOW Is Your New Source for Ethical (And Gorgeous!) Engagement Rings

Vogue covers the introduction of VOW in detail, including that “there’s also a try-on system (similar to Warby Parker’s). You will be able to choose three mock rings to try on in the comfort of your own home at no cost, with no obligation to purchase. If you’re in the market for a ring—or you…

Lee and Stephanie Engagement

Diamond Foundry wishes all the best to Lee & Stephanie’s for their engagement.

David and Ina

When San Francisco based David Prager decided it was time to propose to his girl-friend Ina, he knew he wanted a diamond from our foundry for his engagement: a diamond as rock-solid as his values. As a filmmaker, he also knew he wanted his entire engagement to Ina to be on film. Lacking any real…

Manpreet and Sascha

Great things happen when scientists fall in love. Manpreet and Sascha met as trainees at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute in Toronto seven years ago, where she was a Master’s student and he a post-doctoral fellow. Now, Sascha is a professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Wayne State University in Detroit, and Manpreet is finishing up…

Sunil putting the ring on Mera's Fingers

Sunil and Mera

A much admired entrepreneur in Silicon Valley known as an innovator in Internet, clean energy and transportation technology, Sunil once was a Punjabi boy planting Rupees into the soil to see whether he can grow money.  It turned out Internet and clean energy technology ended up working better for him at that. Mera meanwhile, a…

Anne and Ivan

Anne is a fashion blogger. “When she got engaged to her long-time boyfriend Ivan, she chose a Diamond Foundry diamond to mark the occasion.” Read Anne writing about designing your own engagement ring and a sustainable engagement ring story. Happy all to both of you!

Trending Diamond Engagement Rings for February

February is the month of love, and it’s no wonder that our diamond engagement rings have spiked in popularity. In particular, these last three weeks have been all about Zaven, whose elegant, stone-studded designs are making major waves. (You can check out our exclusive interview with Zaven here.) Whether its the timeless Alyssum Pave Halo or the unique Four…

5 Unique Eco Friendly Engagement Rings

Do you like hiking? Does your girlfriend say that she likes hiking? Good for you – maybe she does! If you two go on “romantic” retreats in the Rockies, own more than one travel backpack or even a single piece of fishing gear, then maybe you should consider a nature inspired, environmentally friendly engagement ring…

A Gentleman’s Guide to Promise Rings, Commitment Rings & Pre-Engagement Rings

In general, I feel the same way about non-engagement rings as I do about engagement rings: get it because it means something to you and your partner. If it doesn’t, then buy a sandwich press and don’t look back. Admittedly, non-engagement rings are far less popular than engagement rings, in part, because nobody knows when to use them. Never…

Engagement Rings 101: A Visual Guide

Congratulations! You did all the hard work and found the love of your life! Now all you need to do is sort out this ring business. Easy-peasy, right? Wrong! If you already started the search for your perfect engagement ring, you may have noticed the jumble of insider jargon used to talk about all the different parts and…

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