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Diamond nuclear battery

New technology has been developed that uses nuclear waste to generate electricity in a nuclear-powered battery. A team of physicists and chemists from the University of Bristol have grown a man-made diamond that, when placed in a radioactive field, is able to generate a small electrical current. Read more at

Diamond takes hours to form in Earth (not billions of years)

Some people think that Earth diamonds take billions of years to form.  But the fact is that today we know that the process of forming diamond itself can just takes hours and days under the kinds of pressures available deep inside the Earth. (Of course, then diamonds can lie in the ground for any length of…

How Eco Diamonds Can Help Deliver Clean Energy

We know that eco diamonds like ours are great from eco engagement rings, green wedding bands, environmentally friendly diamond pendants, and killer satellites from James Bond. But eco-conscious energy too? The Skinny on Steam Currently, 90% of the world’s electricity is still generated by a steam engine. Coal, natural gas, nuclear, and concentrated solar-thermal often provide the heat…

Laboratory Grown Diamonds Used for James Bond Laser

What a time to be alive. Thanks to laboratory grown diamonds, scientists have finally constructed the Diamond Satellite orbital laser weapon from the 1971 James Bond movie “Diamonds are Forever.” Why Synthetic Diamonds While scientists at the University of Strathclyde are indeed British, and while they have created lasers that use diamonds, their motives are, thankfully, not evil. They have created…

Lab Grown Diamonds Help Create Bionic Eye

We’re living in the future, ya’ll! Scientists are using lab grown diamonds to help give people with blindness a “second sight” by inserting small, plastic devices into their eyes.  Why Lab Grown Diamonds In order to stimulate the retina of a human eye,  scientists needed to find a very special material that could fulfill the following requirements.…

Lab Grown Diamond Kills Bacteria 6x Better Than Chlorine

I had an ex whose mom was obsessed with the effects of oxygenized water, or “Ozone water.” She drank it every morning, used it to wash her vegetables. She professed its credibility for total health and alertness for as long as I knew her. It turns out, she was right. Ozone in water kills bacteria and…

Tech Surprise: Lab Created Diamonds of any size!

Here’s the thing about lab created diamonds: when single-crystal is grown atom by atom, over time, the crystal usually ends up with polycrystalline material on its edges like this: These edge defects also tend to encroach into the growth area, which limits the height possible for the growth of a single crystal of diamond. In plain speech,…


Diamond quantum computing

Quantum computing is an emerging technology that even excites smart prime ministers. A quantum computer would eclipse even the fastest classical computers we have today. A reliable quantum computer capable of solving complex problems would have to consist of billions of quantum systems. How to build them? Diamond and its nitrogen defects — otherwise the…

Single vs Poly-crystalline Lab Created Diamond for Laser Optics

As the development of single crystal CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) lab created diamond progresses, it is slowly replacing polycrystalline CVD diamond as the material of choice for laser optics. One application of polycrystalline CVD diamond optics, as can be seen in Laser Focus World, is extreme ultraviolet lithography. CVD diamonds’ advantages for this application being: Low absorption – with a short-wavelength…

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