Designer Marketplace Policies

Designer storefront account. If you qualified for inclusion as a designer (“Seller”), you obtain a Seller account on our system that provides you with the functionality of a full ecommerce storefront. As a Seller, you agree to:

  • maintain accurate listings
  • fulfill orders on the proposed timeline
  • respect the intellectual property of others
  • choose ethical sources & suppliers to the best of your ability
  • provide great customer service including responding in a timely manner, communicating transparently with buyers, and working out disagreements or disputes directly with a buyer

Fees. We charge no listing fees for your offerings. When one of your jewelry settings is sold, a fee of 20% is subtracted for sales via our marketplace. Credit-card and customary payment network processing fees apply as usual.

Implied B2B diamond sale. When a buyer orders a piece of diamond jewelry on our website with a chosen diamond, we process payment for both the setting and the diamond on behalf of your store in our Collective. As part of this purchase transaction, the diamond is legally sold from us to you, and the diamond jewelry from you to the buyer. As a Seller, you agree to take ownership of the diamond ordered by the buyer, set it into the setting you produce, and ship the completed diamond jewelry to the buyer. You are responsible for the diamond from the time of the confirmed receipt of the shipment to you up to the confirmed receipt of the diamond jewelry by the buyer. If the diamond “disappears” during this period, it is the Seller’s liability.

Payout. As a Seller, you receive the semi-mount sale price minus marketplace fee and customary credit card transaction fees. Payment to you as a Seller is made within 10 days of the funds having been received. Any transaction fraud or chargebacks on the value of semi-mounts is your liability just as if you operated your own store online (which you do through our Collective).

Pricing. The prices you list on our website for each of your semi-mount settings shall be “Most-Favored-Nations”, that is, they shall not be higher than the retail price for any similar product of yours available on other websites including your own, if any.

Shipping. Designers are responsible for paying the shipping fees from their studio to the customer. Designers are required to ship finished jewelry items to the customer via a method that requires a signature confirming receipt of delivery.

Sales Tax. You are liable for sales tax payments. Our storefront system assists in calculating the sales tax due but it is your responsibility to verify the accuracy and file the appropriate amount of a sales tax payment. Sellers owe sales tax on the full diamond jewelry including the value of the diamond. Diamond Foundry only owes sales tax on end-user sales of loose diamonds.

When a taxable order is made, we transfer all of the sales tax collected along with the semi-mount sales price, minus customary credit card transaction fees.

Copyright & IP. You retain the copyright to all of your photography and texts but grant us a non-exclusive license to display them on our website. Photography and texts produced by us for your jewelry are our copyright with all rights are reserved.

Returns. For semi-mounts and ready-to-wear, non-customized items, you shall accept & process free 30-day returns & resizes as per our umbrella return policy. There are no returns on custom items. We accept returns of diamonds within either our 90-day return policy or, if it is a warranty case, as part of our forever warranty. In order to process a return, please first obtain a Return Materials Authorization from us.

Foundry diamonds for your own customers. As a Seller, you are able to purchase loose diamonds on our website using your Seller account. You may use these diamonds for your own sales (beyond our website). Please speak with our sales team to get set up for a B2B account and pricing.

Termination. We reserve the right to terminate your Seller account at any time. People come to the Diamond Foundry to buy unique jewelry from distinguished designers with diamonds of guaranteed quality and provenance. It is important for us to work together to safeguard people’s trust and satisfaction. As part of this, we have a zero-tolerance policy for unsatisfactory service to customers.

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