100% Value Guarantee for Upgrades

Diamond Foundry guarantees the value of your diamond 100% for a lifetime of upgrades:

You will receive a credit of 100% of your original purchase price towards the purchase of a new diamond from us during your lifetime.

All diamonds from Diamond Foundry are eligible, including diamonds purchased on our website as well as through our authorized retailers.

Upgrade credit does not include duty or tax paid on the original purchase. All applicable duties and taxes will be charged on the full retail price of the new diamond before any credit is applied.

The price of your new diamond must be at least twice the price of your original diamond purchase.

Your diamond must be in its original condition with the original purchase receipt. Any damage to the original diamond may disqualify the diamond from our upgrade program.

If you purchased your diamond on our website directly from us, please email us to initiate a diamond upgrade.  If you purchased your diamond at one of our authorized retailers, please contact the retailer to process the upgrade through us.  (Our upgrade policy extends to whichever buyer directly purchased from us.)

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