Gemological Grading Reports

In addition to our industry leading warranty, third-party grading reports are available through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). If you are interested in receiving a gemological report for your foundry diamond, please select this option during the checkout process when buying a diamond or jewelry item featured on our website. Customary processing fees apply, and please be advised that requesting a secondary grading report will increase the delivery time for your item.


Grading laboratories such as IGI, GIA, and HRD resulted historically from a complex and sometimes untrustworthy diamond trading industry in which producers did not take responsibility for gem production and product moved untraceably through many channels. In the absence of anyone providing any guarantee or warranty, third-party grading reports were used to give buyers the confidence that their diamond was a diamond with certain promised characteristics. IGI and GIA have provided a significant contribution to consumer confidence in the diamond industry in this way.

Yet a certificate from a gemological laboratory is just a report, and it provides no guarantee and no recourse. (On each certificate, GIA expressly states it does not guarantee any of the information on it.)

We are always happy to have recognized gemological laboratories provide secondary verification of what we know to be true and fully warrant: that ours are some of the finest diamonds on Earth. But legally and commercially, there is no stronger guarantee and protection than our full warranty, The Forever Guarantee™.

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