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Cut refers to both a diamond’s shape and style. The Cut makes a diamond beautiful – revealing its superlative ability to transform white light into bright flashes of color and sparkle.

The classic diamond cuts


The round brilliant cut is the culmination of 300 years of artistic achievement. Its design is the most symmetrical of any cut, producing the ultimate light return and beauty.


Princess Cut was invented by Israel Itzkotwitz, it is a true square diamond with sharp corners. Chevron-shaped bottom facets give it unique scintillation and brightness.


Marquise is a shield shaped version of the brilliant cut diamond. It is an elegant style for accentuating long and slender fingers.


The cushion cut is a modern variation of an antique style. It is derived from the Old Mine Brilliant Cut that was popular in the 19th Century.


Asscher refers to cut-cornered square shape diamonds. It is the special case of step-cut diamonds. It has a big look for its carat weight.


Emerald cut is the classic rectangular diamond featuring step- cut facets. This style looks the most crystalline and prismatic of all cuts.


The oval cut was created and popularized in the 1960’s by the famous American diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan.  It is a slightly elongated brilliant that is enjoying renewed popularity.


This shape was classically known as the Pendalogue. It is a tear-drop brilliant that is ideally suited as a necklace pendant.


The Radiant cut was patented in the USA in 1976. It was specifically designed to enhance the understated elegance of rectangular diamonds with the stunning brilliance of the very best rounds.

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our Exclusive Cuts

our Exclusive Cuts

We offer these exciting new limited-edition styles for those who wish to own a truly unique diamond. All designs are proven to show extraordinary brightness, colorfulness, and sparkle.  Each diamond comes with a card signed by the cutter(s). Please contact us to start making a diamond expressly for you.
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Our Rose Brilliant is a modernized version of the Jubilee Cut (aka 20th Century Cut) which was designed for Queen Victoria's 60th Year of Reign for Diamond Jubilee. The Jubilee rarely appears in the market, except in the most exquisite pieces of vintage jewelry.



The Dome Cut can be executed in many combinations of proportional dimension and faceting patterns. Our master cutters test and perfect the light performance of each design using state-of-the-art gem-modelling and advanced ray-tracing software.



The Bullseye cut is one of our favorites. It is a step-cut round that has the same "ideal" proportions as the modern brilliant, yet in a much bolder pattern. It's the perfect fit for the clean lines of contemporary jewelry.

Emerald Cut Princess

The Emerald Cut Princess is a rectangular shaped diamond with traditional step-cut facets that are each outlined with triangular tips in the princess cut style. The exceptional scintillation of this extra faceting shows slightly tinted or included diamonds in their very best light. 

Round Cut Princess

The Round Cut Princess is available with either a traditional Round Brilliant style or octagonal step-cut Crown. The pavilion has eight sets of princess style chevrons, a far greater number of facets than the traditional round brilliant.  The result is breathtaking brightness and scintillation.

Asscher Cut Princess

The Asscher Cut Princess is an eight-sided version of the classic Princess. It's cut-cornered step-cut Crown is the same as the classic Asscher. With double the amount of pavilion facets, this style delivers maximum light return and colorfulness in a fancy shaped square diamond.

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